1948 - STARTUP Founded in 1948 by two entrepreneurs, John Pridgeon & Donald V. Clay, with only $15,000 between them.
1952-1955 Pridgeon & Clay moved to Front Street, and then moved again to Buchanan and Cottage Grove, a 8,000 square foot building.

Today, the main plant is still located on Cottage Grove and totals approximately 350,000 square feet.
1976 Donald Clay became the sole owner when John Pridgeon retired.
1987 An addition to the East side of the building along the parking lot was built.
1995 A major expansion was completed that is now our Plate Flange Business Unit.
Opened accredited onsite training center.
2000-2001 A plant in Apostag, Hungary was acquired to increase our European customer base.

Moved the warehouse to the new Union Station buildings (USDC).
2005 Doubled our manufacturing size in Hungary.
2007 Sales office in Shanghai, China was opened. A joint venture with NAVA Hermanos S.A. in Monterry, Mexico was implemented to expand our international footprint.
2012 Acquired full share ownership of Mexico joint venture. > IMAGE GALLERY
2013 An addition to the front entrance was added to our Mexico plant.
2014 Began work on an addition to our Franklin facility.