Lab Services

Pridgeon & Clay's Advanced Engineering Lab is an A2LA Accredited, independent testing facility. Having the ability to offer these services to our clients is unique to Pridgeon & Clay and allows continuity of service from R&D through to product evaluation, to PPAP and production.

Product Validation

• Hot Vibration
• Electro Dynamic
• Servo Hydraulic
• Air Flow / Leak Testing
• Metrology / Layout
• Finite Element Analysis


Reverse Engineering

• Blue Light Scanner
• Flow Limiting Diagram

Material Validation

• Grain Structure
• Material Composition
• Weld Evaluation
• Metallographic Evaluation


• Salt Spray
• Humidity
• High Heat Exposure
• Corrosion Creepback


• Torque
• Tensile
• Bend Test
• Fastener Evaluation