Corporate Headquarters

Grand Rapids is where Pridgeon & Clay began. Grand Rapids is where we are today and it is from where our future will continue to grow. We are proud of our West Michigan roots, and as we’ve grown it remains central to who we are.

Our Grand Rapids headquarters houses our engineering and sales team teams, our administration, as well as our R&D, production and distribution facilities.


Pridgeon & Clay's Grand Rapids facility is AS-9100DIATF-16949, and ISO-14001 certified and offers many value-add services to enhance and prepare your products for your assembly needs.

Our Grand Rapids Facilities

• 350,000 square foot manufacturing plant
• 103,000 square foot distribution center
• 32,000 square foot research and development and advanced engineering facility
• 2,200 square foot engineering center


Our Grand Rapids facility has over 70 presses ranging in size from 40 tons to 1500 tons that can stamp parts up to 16mm thick and at speeds up to 48 hits per minute. Our capabilities include large bed, high tonnage presses for transfer, progressive, and fine blanking processes.

Value Add

Pridgeon & Clay’s commitment is to investing in technologies to meet the needs of our customers. We provide a wide range of value-added services including Laser welding, MIG welding, resistance welding, tapping, grinding, CNC machining, studding and automated assembly.