Expertise. Experience. Excellence.

Pridgeon & Clay’s production capabilities provide you with complete engineered manufacturing solutions. With the engineering and manufacturing experience to support customers globally, Pridgeon & Clay is where our customers are. We have the breadth of experience and capabilities to cost-effectively stamp, form, tap, weld, assemble, and package our products according to each customer’s specific needs. Our global facilities house over 100 metal stamping presses in order to provide our customers with the best in quality, speed and reliability.


• Progressive Press Stamping
• Transfer Press Stamping
• Servo Press Stamping
• Fine Blanking
• In-die Sensoring & Welding
• Advanced Engineering & Design
• Prototyping
• Assembly
• Hybrid Mig Laser Welding
• Laser Welding
• Robotic MIG Welding
• Resistance Welding
• Wide Variety of Secondary Services
• Package & Distribution


Variety of Materials

Pridgeon & Clay is experienced in working with a wide range of materials including high strength, stainless and cold/hot-rolled steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, galvanized, as well as specialty alloys such as titanium and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Short Run and High Volume Production

Pridgeon & Clay’s worldwide stamping presses range from 40 to 1500 tons. Our production runs range from prototype volumes to the serial production of millions of parts per setup. We have customized our own coil feed system so our transfer presses can be quickly converted to accommodate coils or blanks. The quick-change capabilities at Pridgeon & Clay enhance our manufacturing flexibility to better respond to customer pull demand as we are able to run smaller lot quantities within shorter lead times.


Value Add & Secondary Services

Pridgeon & Clay's competitive edge is based on continued implementation new technologies to meet ever changing needs of our customers. We provide a wide range of value-added services including Laser welding, MIG welding, resistance welding, tapping, grinding, CNC machining, studding and automated assembly.


Distribution & Shipping

Each of our facilities package and ship millions of metal stamped components each year. Our best-in-class kanban and just in time inventory control systems allow us to meet the distribution and shipping needs of our customers worldwide.